Wines offer

Daily extensive wine list

Bořetice is traditional wine village of Modré Hory region and our hotel is surrounded by 280 wine cellars. Wines therefore play an important role in our country and at anytime you come to see us, we will offer you their rich selection that compliments the menu. In addition, we dedicate each month to one of the area's wineries and prepare special offers on theme “Wine and gastronomy”. Our gourmet menu becomes exclusive gastronomic experience.

Wine care, from selection to opening the bottle

Wines are selected by an experienced sommelier directly with local winemakers. We keep them in our cellars, where is placed our archive and wines have here optimal conditions to maintain their quality. Our waitresses and waiters are ready to help you with the selection and are fitted with the knowledge of correct serving.

Combination of wine and fun

You can also use an opportunity to stay with wine in our cellar and try our edutainment program with wine theme.


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