Kitchen presents

Traditional recipes and modern cuisine

We cook classic dishes that we devote the necessary time, pay attention to the freshness of ingredients, preferably from local sources.

Centrepieces of our menu are sirloin sauce, meat variations with cabbage and homemade dumplings, as well as homemade desserts.

We follow up anduse thelatesttrends of gastronomysuch are:

  • Low-temperaturepreparation ofmeats in vacuum (sous-vide)
  • Confit
  • Fresh fishes flattening and marinating

The Good Restaurant Certificate in the Heritage trails program attests our cuisine quality and also the fact we are involved in the project Czech Specials, or taste Czech cuisine.

The seasonal menu combined with a selection of wines

We prefer raw materials from domestic suppliers, such as beef comes from local breeding in Kobylí, and we cook fresh fishes. Each month's menu is combined with a selection of wines from regional wineries. We offer daily up to 11 varieties of tasting wines, which can be introduced and recommend to you with trained staff.

Menu 2023

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