Space for every idea

We are a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our calendar is full of these events. The big advantage is the variability of our place and connecting with nature outdoor area. The patio can also be joined with the marquee to increase the capacity up to 110 guests. Thus are created different zones, where people can meet, but do not feel too crowded or disturbed by others.

Experiences with organization and professional services

We organize over 30 weddings yearly. Thus we are confident to say we can serve you in the same way like wedding agencies. We will take over the wedding organization and preparation, so you can enjoy your day without any worries. We always think of possibilities for any weather conditions.

Wedding day without stress

You do not need to be worried, if your big day will go as it should. We will prepare a timetable and we will take care of a smooth event course.We will arrange a wedding ceremony, including the gazebo, Arch, carpets or sound ceremony. We recommend and prepare the wedding menu, arrange decorations and festive table. We work with good photographers, excellent confectioners and also arrange music production.

Complete services, from cosmetics to fireworks

We can also recommend a hairdresser or beautician and offer a place where ladies can prepare for the big day. We can manage to arrange even fireworks and we'll deal with other unusual wishes.

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