Josef Padalík Winery, Bořetice

The family winery is located under Kraví hora in the center of the prank Free Republic Kraví hora. Winery specializes in wines of grapes exclusively from own production, which is produced by traditional method. Wines mature only in wooden barrels during the first year. Then are bottled and distributed in limited quantities for those who can appreciate this procedure.

Leoš Horák Winery, Vrbice

A small, boutique wineries from village known for its unique location of wine cellars dug into the sandstone. Leoš Horák focuses only on production of quality wines and is a member of VOC Modré hory. The winery vision is to produce only such amount of bottles that guarantees the quality, winemaker control over the production and personal approach. This is a quality winery whose wines reached the 1,000 best world's wines (Vins du Monde) for the second year.

Vít Sedláček Winery, Vrbice

The family winery, focusing on the quality and purity of produced wines. Their offer includes wine terrestrial-rate, qualitative varieties, qualitative late harvest and qualitative with attribute selection of grapes. They focus on long maceration time in the red wines production and these wines are put on the marketed after two years of maturation.

Jan Stávek Winery, Němčičky

J. STÁVEK WINE is a family winery, focusing on the production of special wines, which are divided into three main segments: fortified wine, cuvée wine, rosé wine. The bearing winery variety is also Frankovka from traditional vineyards. The winery is a member of the VOC Modré hory.


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